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Geek's Guide To Britain

The Geek's Guide To Britain

Paperback: £19.99


Format: Print

Print length: 259 pages

Dimensions: 140mm x 20mm x 216mm

Language: English

Publisher: Situation Publishing Ltd.

ISBN: 978-1-5262-0236-9


Britain is credited as responsible for more than half of the world’s “most important inventions.” Scientists, engineers and inventors in Britain have made their mark on the world with TV, trains, jet engines and the internet; they’ve achieved feats in electricity, medicine and civil engineering.

Their legacy runs beyond simply their creations; it embraces a network of factories, bridges, tunnels, bunkers - and more - across the UK.

From power-stations inside mountains to the UK’s national memory in Kew, from the heart of a former aviation Empire to the birth place of the world’s first business computer, Geek’s Guide to Britain is a tour guide taking you to the nation’s most significant places of achievement - some remembered and celebrated, some forgotten by time and the public.

This Geek’s Guide to Britain is a travel guide is an ebook built to satisfy for your inner boffin, by showcasing facts, figures and history served up through a set of compelling travelogues. It covers 26 of the inaugural destinations in the series spanning the country from Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, on Cornwall’s remote Lizard Peninsula, all the way up to TAT-1 in Scotland, the scene of the first transatlantic telephone call. All that in a handy download-and-go format.

Written by a team of authors from The Register, Geek’s Guide to Britain carries The Register’s trademark flair for independence, expertise and fun.

Accompanying each entry is a history of the venue complete with captivating images, facts and figures; GPS coordinates; directions to get there; opening hours; entry fees; and web links. There is also information on the most suitable venues for children as well as tips on places to eat, shop and stay – making it a day or weekend for all the family. For those venues not open to the public, Geek’s Guide to Britain provides a detailed peek behind the closed doors.