AI-driven Storage
A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

1. About you and your organisation

1.1 Which of the following best describes your primary role?


1.3 How large is the organization you work for?

1.4 Which part of the world are you based in?


1.5 Which of the following best describes your organisation's core business?


2.1 What do you understand by the term 'Intelligent Infrastructure' in the context of storage provisioning, management and optimisation?

Regardless of your previous views, we are going to define 'Intelligent Infrastructure' in line with the third option above for the remainder of this survey, i.e. as referring to systems that blend the admin-driven and ML-driven approaches to automation so you can choose the level of control you want/need in any given situation.

2.2 How much do you see Intelligent Infrastructure having a positive impact in the following areas? (Tick the box if you are already using it for this).

High Impact
No Impact
Already using for this
Storage provisioning
Data tiering for performance
Storage resource management
Data protection (replication, archiving, etc)
Storage problem / fault remediation
Workload movement / reallocation
Virtual Machine migration
Self-service within IT e.g. for applications teams, developers, DBAs, etc
Overall efficiency / cost savings

2.3 How likely is Intelligent Infrastructure to bring benefit in the following ways? (Tick all that apply)

Create significant business value
Significantly reduce IT costs
Stimulate incremental IT investment
None of these
Faster response to new and changing business requirements
Improving access to data / information
Meeting evolving needs for real-time analytics
Improved support for critical business applications (ERP, CRM, SFA, HR etc.)
Adoption of Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery
Optimising use of storage assets
Overcoming IT resource and skills limitations
Freeing up IT for business value creation
A general move to 'AIOps'


Zooming out to other aspects of the IT Infrastructure beyond storage...

3.1 What is the general attitude of the following towards the AI elements of Intelligent Infrastructure?

Extremely keen
Don't care as long as it works
Totally against
Unsure/no idea
Ops staff
DevOps teams
IT (Storage/VM/Infrastructure) Administrators
Security Administrators
Database Administrators (DBAs)
CIO / IT Leaders
Business stakeholders
The Board/senior executives

3.2 In your opinion, how much do the following inhibit the adoption of Intelligent Infrastructure?

Significant hurdle
Issue to be worked around
Not a problem
Don't know
Availability of suitable solutions
Trust in self-service approach
AI/ML explainability concerns
Current IT skills and experience
Fear of job losses within IT
Fear of job losses within the business
Existing policy constraints
Budget availability to invest

3.3 As you implement intelligent infrastructure, do you expect time savings, and if so which areas are most likely to benefit from such time savings? (Tick all that apply)

As usual, your responses will be anonymous and your privacy assured.